Bergmann C815s

Masterful at any construction site.

The wheel dumper C815s shows that efficient work, cross-country mobility, traveling comfort and safety are ideally compatible. Any C815s confidently masters everyday challenges. The Bergmann provides the operator with optimal conditions for concentrated work. The rotating operator stand (optional) ensures the best overview, both forwards and backwards. The interior of the air-conditioned driver‘s cab inspires with high quality equipment.

  • Bergmann C815s Rear Dumper
  • Bergmann C815s Swivel Dumper
  • Bergmann C815s 3 Way Dumper

Versatile configurations to fit your job site.

Bergmann C815s Dumper Features

Technical data.

Bergmann C815s | Wheel dumper

Rear tip dumper Three-way dumper Swivel dumper
Payload 26,455 lb 26,455 lb 26,455 lb
Capacity level 6.5 yd³ 5.5 yd³ 8.5 yd³
Capacity heaped 10.5 yd³ 10.5 yd³ 10.5 yd³
Total length 22.42 ft 24.91 ft 23.39 ft
Total height 8.22 ft 8.34 ft 8.20 ft
Clearance height 10.95 ft 10.95 ft 10.95 ft
Ground clearance 1.41 ft 1.41 ft 1.39 ft
Dumping height 3.03 ft 1.47 ft 4.73 ft
Load height 7.32 ft 6.73 ft 8.01 ft
Engine horsepower 160 hp 160 hp 160 hp
Empty weight 20,017 lb 22,090 lb 24,559 lb

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